Friday, October 31, 2008

A possible publication of the situation in Nature

It seems that Dr. Declan Butler senior reporter at _Nature_, ( Web:
Blog: has intention to write an article about this matter (Visa problems of iranian scientists) for the journal. Of course we should collect more and more cases.
In fact he has a contact with french physician and has collected some cases about the visa descrimination of iranian researchers.
Please, if you know any more similar cases of visa obstructions (not just france), write here or send an email urgently to (send email in the case of French visa difficulties)

I strongly believe that we also should put the item of free circulation of Iranian scientists as an important discussion item of ICSU (International Council for science). We should mention the compromise and historical actions of ICSU with this issue.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Unesco: World science Day for Peace and development 2008

Well, even after more than 80 days waiting for french visa and tolerating the consequences of uncertainty in our life, we do not have any response from French embassy. I invite the people that may have similar problems to be prepared for such situations. That is why I divulge the situation that we are passing.

We are strongly convinced that: The solution is not to sit down and dream with the trivial (in particular radical) solutions.
Unfortunately, due to such visa restrictions, we see a significant number of third world scientists that are choosing the trivial solution of confining theirselves in their own ambients (which can be in eastern or western countries).

I invite every one to see the 2008 Unesco's World science Day announcement
or its previous celebrations and ask to contribute for putting the abusive Visa restrictions as a serious problem to be discussed in such opportunities. I strongly believe that an organization like ICSU (International council for science) or TWAS (Third world academy of science) should debate much more about help mechanisms (which has a wide spectrum) to the researchers of third world with circulation obstructions.

Ali Tahzibi